All right, Foustations! There's nothing going on here, so I'm going to break the silence!!!

(who is this? it's Josh from the office, that's who)

I've already mentioned this to Jeanne and Fran, but it's only fair to involve the good people who live in RC as well...

if there are any movies that you think are ABSOLUTE MUST HAVES for WARC, then please let me know. I happen to be in that unique position of working at Ed McKay's, so I have all kinds of access to all kinds of movies, and it seems like the RC video library could use some bolstering.

You can let me know here or let me know in the office. I'm there three times a week, so it's not hard to find me.

Also, you should all post more on Foustations, because... well just because.
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So... how's your summer going?

Myself, I'm in G-boro, between Silver Ave, Phillips-Hawkins, and the high rises. Two on-campus gigs keeping me occupied, Orientation Staff and UNCG Summer Music Camp. I never went there, being a classical guitarist, but I've heard good things about it from those who have...

Looking forward to the coming year, getting even more involved campus-wide, and working on a program/committee/something to provide awareness of how Fousters (and/or freshfolk in general?) can get involved on the campus at large. Freshmen are really psyched about living at RC, and they stay pretty active in RC Committees, but I feel like it's a natural tendency for most of those folk to become more involved in campus-wide activities as they become sophomores. I think that's a trend we should encourage, rather than trying to force everyone to stick with the RC Committees. Just a thought, anyhow, don't kill me or nothin'...

I think it might be cool to have more speakers come in, specifically doing the alcohol/substance talk earlier on in the Fall. Like the one John Allen did last semester, if you were there. It was... fun, but really raised awareness, agreed? And I guess, you know, I'll be finishing my college degree this year. How weird.

So, again... how about YOU?
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Help me, perhaps?

Hi fellas!

I've got these Papa John's cards I have to sell... they are $10 each, and it is buy-one-get-one, and you can use it 20 times (simplified, this is 20 pizzas for $10). If you want one, please let me know asap... I can mail it to you or whatever. Seriously.

Also I'll be posting up about when our lovely SOAR sessions are and when we're having lunch, registering, etc... I just ask that you come ready to chat up the RC to some freshfolks. :)
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core has to change

core HAS to change. Not only from what happened this semester, either. Core needs to change fundamentally. I understand it was made to create a greater sense of community but that is no reason to be so un-academic about it. I'll post opinions when I'm less tired and ranty but here's some parts we could look at.

Common core textbook
Common core lectures
Common core movie
Rotating sections or fixed sections or something else

I think there was a meeting about it sometime during the semester but I think I had class during it. Constructive comments only please. We know the problems but we dont know the solutions.
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This week in RC: You will not be bored.

Hey fellas! This week in RC...

Tuesday, April 10 - RC Concert - 7:30, Ashby parlor

          My upperclassperson project, bringing the musical talent of the dorm... to YOU! It's free to attend, but we'll be accepting donations for Relay For Life...! Performers: Nicholas Stubblefield, Malik Barrows, Allie Blackmon, Tom Dempster, Em McKeever, and Andrew Prins.

Wednesday, April 11 - Karaoke Night - 8-10, Ashby parlor

          Come down for some Karaoke madness! Show off your vocal talents, or watch others make a fool of themselves.

Thursday, April 12 - Jewelry Making - 8 PM, Library

          Another upperclassperson project, sponsored by Jen C! Anyone interested in making some jewelry for yourself; to sell at Tate Street Festival, or for whatever reason you like, should show up.

Friday, April 13 - Kai Dye - 11-3, Quad

          This event is sponsored by RHA... free t-shirts supplied for tie-dyeing!

Friday, April 13 - Relay for Life - 6 PM - 6 AM, UNCG Soccer Stadium

          Yessirree, Relay for Life @ UNCG... and Mary Foust has its own team! Follow this link to register for the team (it's free, just click "my captain has already paid my fee"), or just to make a general team donation to support us.
          Fousters, encourage as many people as possible to come out -- the more, the merrier!

Saturday, April 14 - SNL - 9 PM, Ashby parlor

          Come on over for some fantastic, hilarious times. If you know what SNL is, you already know you need to come, and if you don't... YOU NEED TO COME!

Sunday, April 15 - RCA Spring Bash - 12 PM, outside

          GET OUTSIDE! Have some fun running about outside, or simply layin' in the nice April sun. Brought to you by your friendly neighborhood RCA.

Sunday, April 15 - How Well Do You Know Your Roommate? - 8-10 PM, Ashby parlor

          This is brought to you by your loverly CA's, I think... looks like fun!
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The game room!

Hi everybody!

We're in the planning stages of a new Game Room! Crazy, ain't it?

Here's what you can do... if you live in Mary Foust, you can stop by our meeting next Tuesday, March 27th, at 8 PM in the... game room... or library/Ashby parlor if it is occupied. We'll be formulating a master plan of action, deciding what we want to do, where, and what furniture we'd like to have. So if you have input on that, come to the meeting!

If you're not around anymore but you want to help via donations, e-mail me at emmckeev (at) uncg (dot) edu. Or, you know, just to wish us well on this endeavor. Both are accepted. :)

It's gonna happen... so get ready! And stay tuned for updates, and possibly pictures.

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I figure that I would post this up here, since a lot of RCA read this:

Valle Crucis!
March 30th through April 1st.
Sign up outside of the RC office or (for those of you who aren't around the dorm much) I'm sure you could email Jeanne or Paul and let them know.

It'll be fun- and there are already almost 60 people signed up to go, excluding Faculty!
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OL Interest meeting and phone-a-thon

So, this week, we have some stuff GOIN' ON...

Tuesday = Mardi Gras pardi gras! So come down and boogy with all your beads & such, 7-9:30 in Ashby.
Thursday = Drugs & Alcohol use & abuse talk -- come down to chat with upperclasspeople about whatever questions you've got (and there's a box in the lobby so you can ask them anonymously, if you want).

Tuesday-Thursday = Phone-a-thon in the office! From 7-9 on any of these days, sign up on the office door to simply call merit scholar applicants and see if they want to come stay with us. Jeanne will give you free pizza for doing this. SO, do it.

Friday = OL interest meeting! And I know about half the dorm is coming, but still, come, it'll rock.
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join the indoor-soccer team. signups are on my door or in the office. you will hear me whisper this into your ear as you sleep. you WILL join the team. you WILL have fun. you WILL submit. DO IT NOW!
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Don't sit alone in your room this Valentine's Day. Don't be bored. Don't be sad.

Instead, you should come down to Ashby, 'cause we're gonna dance. From 8-10 PM. I don't care if you've got somebody or not, just come down and we'll all dance. And beat up a pinata... basically because we can. Where are we gonna hang it? Hell if I know.

This is your official invitation... c'mon, you know you're not busy anyways.